Thank you to all of the clubs that helped our district update our membership goals for 2013-14.  At their October meeting, under the leadership of RI President Ron Burton, the RI Board of Directors voted unanimously to adopt the following recommendation from the RI Membership Development & Retention Committee:  "that membership is Rotary's highest priority, second only to polio eradication."  
     RI's goal is to achieve 1.3 million members by June 30, 2014.  As of July 1, 2013, our membership stands a 1.185 million members.  In other words, we continue moving in the wrong direction.   In our district alone, our membership was at 3,628 in 2003.  Today we are at 3,005.  (a loss of 17.17%)
     It is time to start turning this around.  Please have your members take a good look around your community. It is important that people be invited to a meeting - asked to join Rotary.  How are your Public Relations committees doing - what are they working on to promote Rotary in your area?  We can do better.