In a world often fraught with conflict and discord, there emerges a beacon of hope in the form of individuals dedicated to fostering peace and understanding. We proudly celebrate Jonathan “Jon” Ward, a retired U.S. diplomat, for his acceptance into the esteemed second cohort of Rotary Positive Peace Activators. Jon’s illustrious career, spanning diplomatic missions across diverse regions and his unwavering commitment to service, exemplifies the spirit of peacebuilding that lies at the heart of this transformative initiative.

Jon’s journey embodies the essence of Rotary’s mission to promote goodwill and peace worldwide. From his service in Saudi Arabia to his diplomatic postings in Papua New Guinea, Iraq, and beyond, Jon has represented his country and has also become a steadfast advocate for diplomacy and conflict resolution. His rich experiences, coupled with his educational background and military service, equip him with a unique perspective and invaluable insights into the complexities of global peace and security.

At the core of Jon’s induction into the Rotary Positive Peace Activators program lies a profound commitment to creating lasting change. This initiative, rooted in the Pillars of Positive Peace framework, empowers individuals like Jon to become catalysts for peace within their communities and beyond. Through a rigorous training regimen and a two-year service commitment, Jon will leverage his expertise to educate, inspire, and mobilize Rotary members and stakeholders in their collective pursuit of peace.

The impact of the Rotary Positive Peace Activators program is undeniable, with countless success stories echoing the transformative power of grassroots peacebuilding efforts. From initiatives promoting cross-border cooperation in Ecuador to initiatives addressing intercommunal tensions in Cameroon, the program’s ripple effects are felt far and wide. By nurturing a global network of peacebuilders and fostering collaboration across borders, the program exemplifies Rotary’s ethos of Service above Self.

As we congratulate Jon on this remarkable achievement, we also acknowledge the collective efforts of Rotary International and its strategic partnership with the Institute for Economics & Peace. Together, they provide the framework and resources necessary to equip Positive Peace Activators like Jon with the tools and support needed to make a meaningful impact in their communities. In a world where peace remains an elusive ideal, Jon’s induction into this prestigious cohort serves as a beacon of hope and a testament to the power of individuals coming together to create a more peaceful world.