COVID Assistance to India
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COVID Assistance to India

The Indian subcontinent has been devastated by the recent wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, with over 150,000 people becoming infected daily, and over 3,200 stricken people dying from the disease per day. Areas of the south have been particularly hard-hit, and medical facilities are struggling mightily to keep up.

In the last few years, our Rotary district has had multiple Rotary Friendship Exchanges with two districts in southern India, and through that, we have acquired trusted, strong relationships with counterparts in those Rotary districts. Our counterparts have identified four projects that will provide significant help for their communities in this crisis, and we hope Rotary clubs, Rotarians, and Rotary friends in District 6270 can help by making cash contributions to these projects.


If you would like to participate, please complete the contribution form (PDF), and submit it with your check to help our Rotary colleagues help those in such great need in their communities. Additional details about how to contribute are contained within the form.

Status Updates

This Web page will contain up-to-date information on the four projects, and we encourage you to keep up with the funding status and project details by regularly returning to this page.

Project Funding Status Summary

Updated August 19, 2021

Project Funds Requested from Our District (USD) Funds Committed by Our District (USD)
RC Virrdachalam – Oxygen Concentrators 11,800 6,813.34
RC Pondicherry – Ventilators & Oxygen Beds 16,000 1,533.33
RC Coimbatore Texcity – Oxygen Generating Plant 15,000 2,483.33

Projects Detail

Rotary Club of Virrdachalam (District 2981) – Oxygen Concentrators

Total project cost (USD) 11,800
Funds requested from District 6270 11,800
RI Foundation Global Grant No
Tax deductible* No
Paul Harris Points** No

This project is intended to supply banks of oxygen concentrators for outpatient use, specifically to reduce the need for patients to be admitted to the hospital intensive care unit, and for those patients who still need supplemental oxygen after discharge from the hospital. Those served will be, primarily, underprivileged people in the community, and those who are critically ill.

The project will fund the procurement of five oxygen concentrators with a capacity of 5 liters, and five units with a capacity of 10 liters. The concentrators will be provided to patients on a priority basis, based on the severity of their illness. Installation of the units in the patients’ homes will be done according to local COVID-19 protocols, and volunteers will be in constant touch by telephone to monitor health and oxygen saturation level. When a patient has recovered, the concentrator will be collected from their home, prepared for re-use, and then provided to another patient.

Rotary Club of Pondicherry (District 2981) – Ventilators & Oxygen Beds

Total project cost (USD) 21,500
Funds requested from District 6270 16,000
RI Foundation Global Grant No
Tax deductible* No
Paul Harris Points** No

This project is designed to increase the ability for the Government Hospital of Pondicherry to care for the increased volume of COVID patients by supplying ventilators and oxygen beds. Funds will be used to purchase and install the following in the hospital:

  • Twelve non-invasive ventilators for hospitalized patients with respiratory insufficiency
  • Fifty oxygen beds for hospitalized patients with a need for medical oxygen support

Rotary Club of Coimbatore Texcity (District 3201) – Oxygen Generating Plant

Total project cost (USD) 133,000
Funds requested from District 6270 15,000
RI Foundation Global Grant Applied for
Tax deductible* Possibly
Paul Harris Points** Yes

This project will provide an oxygen generator for the ESI Hospital in Coimbatore, India. This 500 liter/minute oxygen generator will serving up to 100 beds of the 1,000 bed government-run hospital, and will remain as a permanent fixture in the hospital for its expected useful life of 12 years.

* Consult your tax advisor for tax-deductibility questions particular to your circumstances
** Paul Harris points granted only if global grant is approved by the Rotary Foundation