In a noteworthy event, the Rotary Club of Plymouth took center stage in the local news. The Plymouth Chamber of Commerce orchestrated a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Friday, November 10, 2023, marking the collaborative venture between the Rotary Club of Plymouth and the Plymouth Public Library. The occasion celebrated the launch of the innovative Memory Caregiver Kits.

At the heart of the ceremony, Rotary Club President Lisa Hurley and Plymouth Library Director Leslie Jochman stood side by side, symbolically cutting the ribbon. The celebration drew a diverse gathering, including Rotary Club members, library staff, residents from The Waterford Assisted Living Facility, and representatives from the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce.

Recognizing the growing challenges posed by an aging population and increased life expectancy, the Rotary Club of Plymouth, in collaboration with the Plymouth Public Library and the Aging & Disability Resource Center (ADRC) of Sheboygan County, sought a District Grant to address the crucial need for social engagement and brain health.

Thanks to the support from a Rotary District Grant, the Rotary Club of Plymouth procured Relish Kits and Stay Sharp Kits for community-wide accessibility. The Stay Sharp Kits are designed to provide stimulating activities, aiming to keep minds sharp and potentially delay the onset or reduce the risk of dementia among the aging population. On the other hand, the Relish Kits, tailored for various stages of dementia, aimed to engage those living with dementia in their surroundings and foster meaningful conversations related to the kits.

Crucial to the success of the Memory Kit project was the active participation of the Rotary Club members. They played a pivotal role by creating bookmarks, assembling kits into totes, and volunteering at events such as the Walk to End Alzheimer’s Sheboygan County and the Dementia Caregivers Conference. Their dedicated involvement showcased the club's commitment to making a lasting change in the community's well-being.

To delve deeper into the process of applying for Rotary District Grants for your club, consider attending one of the informative learning sessions scheduled for this Spring. For those new to District Grants, the following sessions are tailored to enhance your understanding:

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