Exciting News! Mark Ruedinger has been appointed as Co-Chair of Leadership Development at Ascension Rotaract Network, a well-deserved recognition of his commitment to service. Mark, a former District Rotaract Representative, has been a beacon of dedication, passion, and positive impact within the Rotary community.

His leadership journey, marked by exemplary dedication and adherence to Rotary values, sets a stellar example for all. Ascension Rotaract Network, driven by a mission to create a robust support network for the Rotary family, focuses on connecting Rotaract and Rotary Clubs seamlessly. They strive to foster the exchange of innovative ideas, empower leaders at every level, and uphold the ethos of Service Above Self across clubs, districts, the country, and the global Rotary community, aiming to empower and elevate Rotaract.

If Mark's journey inspires you and you are passionate about making a positive impact, your Rotary District provides ample opportunities for mentorship and service. Whether you are a seasoned Rotarian or a newcomer, our vibrant community offers countless avenues for growth and leadership development. Embark on a transformative journey of leadership development, mentorship, and impactful service with your Rotary District. Join us in shaping a lasting change and building a legacy of service that resonates with the true spirit of Rotary.