Let’s Do Club Facilitated Visioning
Club facilitated visioning, known in the business world as strategic planning, is one way Rotarians can develop a 3-5 year plan for their Rotary Club.  It is facilitated by district Rotarian peers who guide a club to ‘think outside the box’ to generate ideas and plans to improve, or develop a membership plan, or a fundraising goal, or improving their giving to the Rotary Foundation or improving their community image, of their Rotary Club. 
The district visioning team has 8 individuals who donate their time to these efforts.  The team works Monday – Thursday evenings, September thru May.  The on-site visioning session takes 3.5-4 hours.  Clubs need to have half of the membership at the on-site visioning process.  Maximum club membership is 30 for the on-site visioning session.  It is also asked that members stay the entire time a visioning session is happening.
To achieve success the Rotary Clubs membership and leadership need to agree that this process is welcomed and wanted.  Here is a check list of the process:
  • Club leadership determines desire to do Club facilitated Visioning.
  • Club determines who will be the Visioning leader. Duties of this person include:  Getting date options from the club.  Locates a site to hold visioning session. (Needs enough wall space to post 20 – 25 completed sheets of flip chart paper) and room set up would be in a U-shape.  Arranges food for the club membership and the district visioning team attending.  Secures needed supplies to do visioning session.
  • Club leader reaches out to Brian Monroe to start process.  At least six weeks prior to desired visioning session date for planning time that is needed.  (Brian – reaches out to the district team members to see who (4 district people) are available for proposed time & date of the club.)  Submit the club profile sheet to Brian Monroe..
  • Club lead distributes Rotary Visioning questionnaires to each Rotarian in the club.  These MUST be completed and submitted at least 2.5 weeks prior to the actual session back to Brian Monroe.
  • Club lead – encourages membership to attend.  Secures the supplies needed for the session.
  • District visioning team arrives on date of Visioning session at about 4:30 PM and finishes preparation work for the session.
  • Session is held.  Assignments are made during session for club follow-up.
  • Club maintains momentum to achieve goals identified in visioning session.
Questions: Brian Monroe, monroe.earthbound@gmail.com  or Tamie Koop, tkoop@wi.rr.com