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How to Get High Profile Guest Speakers 
  • Mention names of high profile people who have recently spoken to the club
  • Mention the diverse representation of club members.
  • Mention club's civic contributions such as community and international projects, grants and scholarship given,  etc.
  • When requesting a speaker from an organization; Ask for the CEO. Not just a representative or Public Relations person.  Tell them that this is the norm for the club to host the top person of their organization
Ask your club members 'Who do you know?"  Perhaps it is an interesting client.
Classification Talk 
Ask your members for a classification talk.  This is an opportunity for your club membership to learn about other members.  It is also a wonderful opportunity to provide a free commercial.  Allow 10-15 minutes. Schedule this in conjunction with a business meeting.  Perhaps a max of two classification talks per meeting.  Schedule this once a month.  You may also wish to do an after work classification "wine and cheese" hosted at the member's place of business.
Retention and Recruitment
Please remember that the quality of your PROGRAMS DRIVES MEMBERSHIP.  By maintaining these quality programs, you retain current members and attract new members.  Insure that your club gets the word out about your outstanding programs.  Appoint a public relations/media relations person to disseminate a press release.  Where else can you attend a weekly breakfast or luncheon with an outstanding speaker, at such a low cost? 


The best retention tool for retaining and attracting members is to provide quality programs. Below are some program suggestions, as well as guest speaker contact information, for your club to use.


Cary Silverstein is a member of the Milwaukee North Shore Rotary Club and the author of   Overcoming Your NegotiaPhobia: Negotiating Your Way Through Life.  Contact Cary at:  414.403.2942 or CSILVE1013@AOL.COM   (posted 6-27-17)

Character Based Management - Robert Beezat.  You can view Robert's website at:  http://characterbasedmanagement.net/ or contact him at:  robert@robertbeezat.com  (posted 6/22/17)

IMPACT - Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services for Milwaukee County.  Contact Pat Gutierrez, Director - 414-649-4380 or pgutierrez@impactinc.org  (posted 4-7-17)

Insights into Traditional Chinese Culture:  If you use fire crackers, paper, read a book, use an umbrella or fly a kite you are using inventions from ancient China. We will speak of the renaissance of Traditional Chinese Culture that is happening today.  This is the cultural inheritance of the Chinese people.  Traditional China embraced the concept of oneness of man and heaven.  This Oneness is seen in Traditional China’s approach to daily life which includes science, celebrations and the arts.  Similar to the Rotary, traditional China placed ‘Service before Self’.  We will speak of ‘Service before Self’ as it formed celebrations and the arts in China. The Traditional Chinese New Year is held between January 21st and February 21st each year.   We will share information on the Chinese Zodiac, traditional New Year foods, Way of Tea and exchanging of gifts.  Finally, we will introduce Shen Yun Performing Arts as it has embraced these traditional concepts.  It is the living window into Chinese civilization. Contact Kay Wozniak at 414-943-3272 orwozn@hotmail.com

Bashir Easter MBA, MPA, Dementia Care Specialist, Milwaukee County Department on Aging.  Topic:   Dementia Care Redesign program in Wisconsin and the services available for families who have a loved one with dementia. Contact Information:  Bashir.Easter@milwaukeecountywi.gov or Work 414-289-5792 (posted 1/3/17)

James Davies, Bublr Bikes - Perhaps his presentation will get you asking, "is this a possiblity in my town?"  James can be reached at james@bublrbikes.com - 262-880-7815  (posted 9/28/16)

Lisa Berman, Performance Power - Clearing Your Energies.  Lisa will talk about negative and positive ways of handling your energy.  She is also a member of the West Allis Rotary Club.  Contact Lisa at lisaberman@performancepowercoach.com

Aaron Sims, Broadcaster for the Milwaukee Admirals.  Phone 414-227-0550.  Email:  aaron@milwaukeeadmirals.com  (posted 7/30/16)

Steve Daily ,Executive Director, of the Chudnow Museum at 839 No. 11th St.  It was started by Abe Chudnow in a single dwelling home.  There are items from the 20's, 30's and 40's.  Each of the rooms display items from these periods such as a Speakeasy, H. Grafman Grocery Store, and Bayview Drug Store among many others.  His email is steve@chudnowmuseum.org.  (posted 4/5/16)

Phillip Mason, the Community and Business Outreach Specialist for Industries for the Blind in West Allis.  They have a large staff of which about 60+% are visually impaired.  They have a number of government contracts and make an assortment of items for other companies.  They have office supplies and will give a 5% tax credit on orders. Contact Phillip at  414-778-3092 or Phillip.mason@ibMilw.com. (posted 2/12/16) 

Steve Lied  Finding a job in Milwaukee is hard enough these days.  Add a felony to your record and things just got a whole lot more difficult.  Milwaukee Working gives an opportunity for background challenged people in Milwaukee to transform their lives through the dignity of work.  In a supportive environment staff members gain soft work skills and technical competencies, making them employable in the marketplace.  Our job creation departments include a cabinet shop and online resale venture. In our Books for Jobs program we turn used books, DVDs, CDs, video games, etc, into jobs for never employed and under-employed.  Hear stories of transformed lives.  Learn how to become connected with the Books for Jobs Program.  Milwaukee Working is a division of Community Warehouse, a faith-based non-profit offering hope and change to the City of Milwaukee, one household at a time.  CBS Nightly News featured Community Warehouse in their CBS "On the Road" series.  World Magazine named Community Warehouse as 2014 Midwest Regional runner up for the Hope Award for Effective Compassion.   Milwaukee Working has been featured on Fox6News and NPR station WUWM.  
Contact:  Steve.Lied@thecommunitywarehouse.org - direct phone 414-316-4852 - cell 262-352-3515  (posted 2/9/16)


Cleopatra Echols from Health Human Services Disability Services, Division of Milwaukee County, will come and speak to your club about volunteer guardians for adults with disabilities.  Dianne from the Legal Aid Society can also attend to share with your club the legal aspect of being a caregiver.  Contact Cleopatra at:  1-414-289-6420 or email cleopatra.echols@milwaukeecountywi.gov  (posted 11/17/15)

Andrew Cegielski speaking on the project "Can water 4 kids" raising money to build wells in under developed countries.  It is a new project.  He
is quite flexible. His email is lemonde.alc@gmail.com. (posted 9/8/15)

Jonathan Dye of Mr. Dye's Pies.  He is a Rotarian at the Mequon-Milwaukee After Hours Rotary Club.  Let him tell your club about how he got his start in business with pies.  (He will bring one of his pies for your club to auction :)    Contact Information:  414-759-4992  (posted 8/18/15)

Steve Lied, Milwaukee Working, "I invite you to tour our Milwaukee Working facility to see our Online Resale Department and Cabinet Shop, where we provide on-the-job development along with personal support so background challenged individuals can gain soft & technical skills, making them attractive to long-term employers. "  His contact information is  <steve.lied@thecommunitywarehouse.org>  Milwaukee Working's motto is 'Transformation through the dignity of work'.   World Magazine named Community Warehouse as 2015 Midwest Regional runner up for the Hope Award for Effective Compassion.  Recently CBS Nightly News featured Community Warehouse in their CBS "On the Road" series.  Local Fox6News and NPR station WUWM have featured Milwaukee Working."  (posted 8/4/15)

Hollie Moe, Heartland Hospice, will come to your club to talk about Hospice 101, Advanced Care Planning or another topic of interest.  You can contact Hollie at 1-800-236-1989 and ask for the volunteer department.  (posted 8/4/15)

Paul Decker, Waukesha County Board Chair, will give an excellent program on Waukesha County.  You can contact Paul at:  Pdecker@waukeshacounty.gov or 414-745-3919 (posted 6/17/15)

Kirsten Sobieski, Executive Director of the Milwaukee Homeless Veterans Initiative has done programs for the Amigos and Mitchell Field Clubs and has a compelling story to tell.  Her contact info is 414-755-9232 or execdir@mkehomelessvets.org.  (posted 4/18/15)

Aurora has a cancer care speaker's bureau.Their experts cover topics in and around cancer including prevention and early detection; specific disease sites to legal aspects of health; primary care interaction; research; clinical trials; and survivorship. They also provide an expansive degree of knowledge and expertise available to be shared in various formats (i.e. community events, professional education, and beyond).  To schedule a speaker from Aurora’s Cancer Care Speaker’s Bureau (ACCSB) or to obtain more information, please contact Erik Hollander, System Outreach Coordinator, at erik.hollander@aurora.org or 414.219.4533.  (posted 3-12-15)

Krisa Hull of Redeem and Restore - Human Trafficking.  Waukesha County does not think there is an issue in the county, but they are wrong.  If you would like to hear Krisa, you can contact her at  262-844-5882. 

Charlotte Bernard of WE BUILD will speak to your club about the progress their organization is making in Haiti.  Does your club already have a project that they are working on in Haiti?  See how this organization can help broaden and supplement what you are already doing.  Take a look at their website at www.webuildhaiti.org and contact Charlotte at cbernar6@gmail.com  (posted 2-26-15)

Past President of the Rotary Club of Milwaukee, Tom Bentley, and Bill Burnett of Milwaukee 7 - tbentley@bentleymgmtgroup.com or - bburnett@mke7.com - Growing international sales: A key driver to expanding the economy of S.E. Wisconsin:  Domestic sales make up the majority of the economy for the 7 county region. However, in the past 10 years, the primary source of growth in our economy has been international sales. In fact, domestic sales shrank 6% while exports grew by 45% in that time period. We believe that many local businesses have the ability to strategically grow their export business. However, many are not aware of the international opportunities that exist for their products. In fact, only one out of every three companies capable of exporting does so. And of those who export, the vast majority only do so because a deal falls into their lap. Milwaukee’s M7 Economic Development Plan calls for growth in exports. Why? These exports will infuse a significant boost of cash into our economy and thereby grow business and improve the lives of people living in the community. Rotary has stepped up to play a key role. To learn more, please consider a program by Rotarian Tom Bentley of Bentley World Packaging, and Bill Burnett, Director of the Milwaukee 7 Global Cities Initiative on Exports. Tom and Bill were recently featured on the front page of the Journal Sentinel in a discussion of the impact of  the U.S. trade deficit on America’s financial well-being. (posted 2-10-15)

Sarah Blackwell - The Obama Administration Executive Actions impact on immigration  On November 20, 2014, the President announced a series of executive actions to crack down on illegal immigration at the border, prioritize deporting felons not families, and require certain undocumented immigrants to pass a criminal background check and pay taxes in order to temporarily stay in the U.S. without fear of deportation. 
Sarah Blackwell J.D. delivers an informative presentation on the affect of the Executive Actions impact on immigration. sarah.amigosdemke@gmail.com (posted 1-30-15)
Trevor Marsicano - Client/Event Manager, Pettit National Ice Center U.S. Olympic Training Site (you'll get to hold a real Olympic silver medal!!) - 414-935-4780  www.thepettit.com    (posted 1-30-15)

Lieutenant Eduardo M. Garza, Jr., Retired, USNR will speak to your club about Concordia University's program assisting veterans through the application maze and assisting them with government educational programs that they may not realize that they are eligible for.  They have also been successful in finding opportunities in transferring military training into college credits, thus making the realization of a goal for a college degree easier to attain. They work with Veterans on accessing other programs and resume building to ease the transition back into civilian life. In Milwaukee one out of four men who are homeless are veterans, this program can and will change lives. "I look forward to an opportunity to work with these fabulous community leaders to share what we are doing with our CUW Veterans and most importantly developing ways to include their families in this mission.  We feel our strategic plan for building community partnerships will help us develop and execute a plan of action to serve these families more effectively". -Ed Garza    Please consider contacting Ed and inviting him to speak to your respective clubs. Lieutenant Garza's biography can be found by clicking on the link (left).  (posted 12-1-14)  **Ed would also be willing to give a simple overview of the Sunni Culture and how they had to live in it.

Major Gulczynski -  Not a "selling" or recruiting talk, Major Gulczynski talks about the additional tasks/duties the 128th Air Reserve Wing now handles.  It's not just airborne refueling.  Learn about their ability to respond to change and adapt.  Using their skill and preparedness, they have the ability to move in a new direction at a moment's notice.  Contact Major Sherri Hvrovatin  at telephone # is 414-944-8539 to schedule this speaker.  (posted 4-12-14)

Al Spooner - President Columbia St. Mary's Allan - Spooner has more than 18 years experience in healthcare leadership including his most recent role as President and Chief Executive Officer at the Rose de Lima Campus of Dignity Health’s St. Rose Dominican Hospitals in Henderson, Nevada. Prior to joining St. Rose, Spooner served as a vice president for Ascension Health, St. Louis, MO. He also served as Vice President Business and Corporate Development at St. John Providence Health System in Detroit, MI. Spooner’s past experience includes tenure at Tenet Health System and a consulting role at KPMG Peat Marwick. Spooner received an AB in Engineering Science from Dartmouth College in New Hampshire and an MBA in Finance and Policy Studies from the University of Chicago School of Business.  In order to schedule Al Spooner please contact his assistant Kirsten Heyde at kirsten.heyde@columbia-stmarys.org or at 414-291-1374.  (posted 3-27-14)

Dan Harris - Athletic Director MSOE - Contact:  414-277-7230  

Bryan Nieman - 110 Year Family Business - Based in Wisconsin, Fromm Family Foods is now in its fifth generation of being family owned and operated.  In 1948, the late Dr. Willard Roberts, Ph.D. and chief nutritionist created the first generation of Fromm Family Nutritionals pet foods. Dr. Roberts is recognized as the father of modern pet foods, having pioneered the process of producing the dry, granular food that's so popular today.  Contact:  262-242-2200  (posted 3-27-14)

Amanda Braun - Athletic Director at UWM  Contact:  uwm-AD@uwm.edu   (posted 3-27-14)

Richard Thieme is a Fox Point writer and professional speaker (www.thiemeworks.com). In addition to “UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry,” he has written “Islands in the Clickstream (2004)” and “Mind Games (2010)” and contributed chapters to several books.  Contact:  414-704-4598  (posted 3-27-14)

Martin Greenberg, Attorney - "Ryan Braun, the Bradley Center, Bucks and some other interesting sports related subjects."  Greenberg is a recognized authority in the areas of real estate law and sports law throughout Wisconsin and nationwide.  Greenberg has been practicing law for more than four decades.  In addition, he is an adjunct law professor at Marquette University Law School, an author and lecturer.  Greenberg has received numerous awards, including being honored several times as one of the "Top Real Estate Lawyers in Milwaukee" by Milwaukee Magazine and being named "Lawyer of the Year - Legal Scholar" by the Milwaukee Bar Association.  In 2009, Greenberg was named one of the "Leaders in the Law" by the Wisconsin Law Journal and also is listed in the Best Lawyers in America.  Contact:  414-271-4849  (posted 3-27-14)

Paul Roback (Group Study Exchange Graduate 2002 - sponsored by Port Washington/Saukville Rotary Club)  In 2002, Paul participated in Rotary International’s Group Study Exchange Program to Osaka, Japan.  He will talk about his experiences and how this opportunity lead to additional personal and professional international experiences.   Paul will always be grateful to Rotary for the experience and is happy to continue presenting to clubs upon request.  paul.roback@ces.uwex.edu
(posted on 3/6/14)

Robert Grede (member of the Amigos de Milwaukee Rotary Club) i
s the Author of the book the Spur and the Sash.   It is a book based on a true family story.  Rob’s  ancestor left behind a spur and a sash, passed down through the generations, along with the story of how he came to have them.  It is also a factual history of the civil war where the story takes place.   Rob meticulously researched the civil war history using letters, diaries, and Official Records. Contact Information:  Robert Grede:  Email:  rg@thegredecompany.com  Website:  click here     (could also do a program on Marketing) 
(posted on 3/5/14)




Damian Buchman is the Founder and Executive Director of The Ability Center. Damian will move you with his only personal story, impress you with "why" WI needs an athletic facility for people with limited abilities and "how" that can be accomplished. You'll realize that Damian and his vision are both "unstoppable". For more info please visit http://www.tacwi.org/ and contact Damian at damian@tacwi.org or at 262.385.5738.

Dinah Van Krevel-Polzin, Drug Free Communities (DFC)  Considering all the challenges in our area about heroin and other drugs this would make a great Club presentation.  Dinah can be reached at:  dvkpolzin@yahoo.com or 262 613-6227