Manual of Policies and Procedures

For an organization to run efficiently over the years, it must have continuity and consistency in its policies and procedures and its ensuing actions.  In that spirit, the Manual of Policies and Procedures (MoPP) of Rotary District 6270 lays out accepted practices and guidelines for the District regarding District-level committees and policies and others as endorsed by the Board of Directors.  For activities not addressed in the MoPP, please refer to the Rotary Code of Policies, the Rotary Foundation Code of Policies, and the Bylaws of Rotary International District of 6270.

District Leadership Plan

District committees and teams are established to support the development, growth and conduct of effective Clubs. The District committees and teams are structured to support Rotary International’s required District Leadership Plan.  The MoPP functions as our District Leadership Plan.  The appointments of committee chairs and team leaders follow the procedures established by the Board of Directors in this MoPP.
District Committees and teams are further established to accomplish the District Strategic Plan and Rotary International’s Strategic Priorities.