District 6270 Clubs' News
Rotary International President-elect R. Gordon R. McInally called for members to capture the world's attention and lead the way toward possibilities far beyond our current expectations.

McInally, a member of the Rotary Club of South Queensferry, West Lothian, Scotland, revealed the 2023-24 presidential theme, Create Hope in the World, during the Rotary International Assembly in Orlando, Florida, USA, on 9 January. He urged members to promote peace in troubled nations, help those affected by conflict, and maintain the momentum of initiatives begun by past leaders.

"The goal is to restore hope — to help the world heal from destructive conflicts and, in turn, to help us achieve lasting change for ourselves," McInally said at Rotary's annual training event for incoming district governors.
In the face of the unprovoked and brutal attack by Russia on Ukraine, District 6270 and its Rotary Clubs have stepped up in many ways to alleviate suffering in Ukraine.

The Formation of the Rotary Disaster Response Fund’s Ukraine Effort

Shortly after Ukraine was invaded by Russia in February of 2022, Rotarians started asking Rotary International (RI) to provide grants in service of humanitarian aid to Ukraine. The RI Trustees met in late February and decided to use the Disaster Response Fund for the purpose. They announced that all donations to the fund between March 3rd and April 30th would be dedicated to service to Ukraine. During those eight weeks, Rotarians donated almost $15MM to the fund, and grants became immediately available.
Grants would be limited to $25K per district, and require partnering with a club in or near Ukraine for on-the-ground execution. Signatories would be District Governors and Rotary Foundation Chairs, and reporting would be required on an annual basis, and at completion.

During the next 37 weeks, 274 districts in 55 countries participated, running 440 grants, providing a wide range of needs from medical and hospital equipment to refugee shelters and psychological support. Our own district processed three grants.
We are thrilled to announce that Elizabeth “Liz” Nevitt has been selected as our candidate for District Governor for the 2025/2026 Rotary year, subject to approval by Rotary International and ratification by the District members at the annual business meeting in the spring of 2023.

Liz is a fourth generation Rotarian. She joined the Menasha Rotary Club in 1998 and moved to the Ripon Rotary Club in 2012. Liz served as President of each club twice, and held other club leadership roles. At the District level, she served as Assistant Governor for three years, District Family of Rotary Resource Group Coordinator and has been the District Stewardship Subcommittee Chair for the past three years. Liz is also a Rotary Foundation Major Donor, Paul Harris Sustaining Member, and the District's newest PolioPlus Society member.

Please join us in congratulating her and thanking her for her continuing service to Rotary.

Rotary District 6270 has been the primary supporter of the World Affairs Seminar (WAS) for many years through two channels.  Rotary Clubs within the district have supported WAS by sponsoring area high school students to participate as delegates to the annual event.  The district has provided monetary support as part of its annual budget.  WAS is the sole program of the Wisconsin World Affairs Council which has launched a new Annual Fund Campaign to help WAS maneuver through these extraordinary times.  The goal of the new Annual Fund Campaign is to raise $20,000 by November 1st, 2022.  As an incentive to kick off this campaign, RID 6270 will provide Paul Harris Fellow (PHF) points to Rotary Clubs and individuals who give new money to WAS through October 31st.

Rotary District 6270 is pleased to announce the availability of a Global Grant Scholarship for matriculation in the fall of 2023 or spring of 2024.
The amount of the scholarship is USD $30,000 and must be used for graduate school studies outside the United States. NOTE: Applicant cannot be a Rotarian or be related to a Rotarian but can be a member of Rotaract.  To be eligible, applicant must be a resident in the geographical area of District 6270, be a student at a college/university in the geographical area of District 6270 or have strong ties to Southeast Wisconsin (see District 6270 map).  Experience (professional or volunteer) in the field of study is required. All fellowship/scholarship/stipend funding opportunities must relate to one of Rotary’s Seven Areas of Focus.
Deadlines are as follow:
September 1, 2022 – Application form available
January 13, 2023 – Complete Application Deadline (submit online only)
Our fall Virtual Information Night for the Rotary Youth Exchange program is scheduled for 7pm on Tuesday, September 27th. This is meant to be an info night for students who are interested in the program. Rotarians and others who would like to learn more about the program are welcome to attend as well. 
Please share with youth who may be interested in a study abroad experience, local high schools, newspapers, friends, and others. Please contact Kristine Bantz, Outbound RYE Coordinator with any questions.


If we are to build “a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves,” our Rotary District needs to look at our emerging leaders in various roles.  We are looking for the next cohort of leaders from your clubs.  Please help us identify Rotarians or Rotaractors in Rotary District 6270 who can join your district leadership team for a unique training opportunity this September.  These emerging leaders will participate in sessions that are fun, topical, and interactive, fast‑paced, and geared to refining leadership skills.  Please submit your nominee at https://forms.gle/PrjnMATLvg8ojFGw8.

The Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) has been informed of a case of paralytic polio in an unvaccinated individual in Rockland County, New York, United States.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are coordinating with New York State health authorities on their investigation. Initial sequencing confirmed by CDC indicates that the case is type 2 VDPV.

Any form of poliovirus anywhere is a threat to children everywhere. It is critical that the GPEI Polio Eradication Strategy 2022-2026 is fully resourced and fully implemented everywhere, to ensure a world free of all forms of poliovirus can be achieved.

We are calling on every single Rotarian to take action and be a part of the fight to end polio, helping to raise $50 million per year for polio eradication.

Mike McGovern

Chair, International PolioPlus Committee

Engineers Without Borders (EWB) has a strong presence in the Highlands of Guatemala and several local EWB college chapters choose to work in the area.  Our trips are a means of solidifying and honoring our partnership.

The trips foster opportunities to build and celebrate essential relationships with Guatemalan Rotarians and community members.  The people who live in the villages impacted by the projects greatly appreciate that we care enough to show up for them.  And, we do our best to ensure the projects are needed and wanted by the community, not by outsiders, which is essential for the long-term sustainability of the work.  We bear witness to the integrity of the work allowing us to assure the funders that the money was used as intended – which also supports our future efforts to fund Global Grants in partnership with other Rotary Clubs.

It is critical that we have strong and trusting relationships with the Rotarians in Guatemala – relationships that are best built face to face.  Implementing a Global Grant is not for the faint of heart.  The upfront work in preparing the grant request is formidable and can’t be done from Milwaukee alone.  We count on Guatemalan Rotarians to monitor on-going progress, pay bills and work with us to prepare and submit interim and final reports to the Rotary Foundation.

Fellow travelers find the experience of working alongside students and community members to be a very rewarding part of the trip; however, it is probably the least valuable of the contributions that we make to the community.  The Guatemalan Highlands have plenty of able-bodied men and women to work.  The people of Guatemala need the funding and the expertise that we can provide.

However, I would be remiss not to say that the projects undertaken by the EWB teams are very valuable learning experiences for the students and our club has been glad to financially support these efforts as we can.  The students raise the money, design the project, and then work alongside the community to get it done.  Working on a project near home would not provide the same level of learning.

This trip provides a chance of a lifetime to work side by side with our partner organizations and the local community in Guatemala.  You will witness, firsthand, how impactful our work has been and continues to be.